Areas Of Focus

Growth Development Circle

No great idea or business gets accomplished alone. Synergy wants to help you on your journey of development and discovery.  With the Growth Development Circle, you will be a part of a peer mentoring group where each member can safely share the developments of their business.  This process will help you gain clarity while highlighting new strategies for the coming month.

Synergy will create a round table learning environment that meets on every Tuesday for an hour.  If you need help with HR, Finance, Sales, or Operations this mentoring circle is for you.  There is no need to feel isolated or overwhelmed, join us where you can find strength and maybe even a friend or two!

Advisory board

The bigger a business entity gets, the more attention it needs, and the more issues arise that need to be handled precisely and accurately to ensure its continued growth. The pressure to grow a company increases as it gets bigger and getting more minds working on it is an advantage. Synergy Business Solutions will match the client with four advisory board members that are seasoned business members of the community. 

These advisors are committed help you scale and grow while providing honest feedback.  The Board of Advisors sits on Thursday with a chairperson to guide and direct the meeting.   Contact us for more information on this opportunity.

Training & Events

Synergy loves to help support and build quality networking events.  We will promote your business in our networks as well as run the ticketing.  Our advisors and clients will be sharing their.  unique perspectives and talents as well.  If you want to put on an event at our space, or join us on one of our sessions, please reach out.